Adams Apple Company

Adams Apple Co 3-Jar Gourmet Jams Plaid Gift Box



Everyone loves this box! More importantly, everyone loves these jams. Although store-bought jam brands are delicious, nothing can compare to these. Whether you are buying it for yourself or gifting it to a loved one, it is guaranteed to be a hit. 

This set includes 3 8 oz. Jams (Apple Pie, Strawberry Pie, and Peach Pie). It comes boxed together; however, feel free to unbox them and give them individually as gifts. It also comes with Signature Spoon and a serving suggestion card.    

The Butters and Jams have a 2-year shelf life (unopened)

Shipping and Handling Included

About Adams Apple Company

Meet Theresa Adams! After losing her mother to cancer at 5 years old, her family moved to Illinois to be closer to her grandparents. Theresa immensely enjoyed growing up on a Midwestern farm. She kept herself busy, from riding horses to snapping beans and watching apple butter simmer in a copper kettle!

Years later, that memory led to a homemade gift-giving tradition as a college student. As fate would have it, her craft became known as ‘Adams Apple’ Butter upon marrying an Adams after finishing college. They had two healthy boys who eventually played a part in the apple kingdom.

The gift of Adams Apple Butter became so popular with friends and family over the next two decades that she realized it was time to offer her award-winning spread to customers around the country who now proclaim “it tastes like memories.” The Adams Apple product line continues to grow with her original recipes, each of which includes an apple ingredient to stay true to the brand.