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Roberta's Shasta Daisy Becky 3 pc



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This set of stunning Shasta Daisies Becky will illuminate your gardens with shimmering creamy white flowers standing atop lush, green foliage all summer long! Your sunny garden or border wouldn't seem complete without some shasta daisies.  White in the garden goes with everything, helps brighten up dull areas, and it drastically helps compliment your other flowering perennials! This long blooming reliable perennial will significantly help brighten up your gardens with its cheerful white flowers throughout the hot summer season!  This Becky variety was chosen as the Perennial Plant of the year in 2003.

  • Award Winning
  • Drought Tolerate
  • Hot and Dry Tolerant
  • Long-Blooming
  • Attracts Butterflies & Hummingbirds
  • Pollinator Friendly
  • Container Friendly
  • Deer Resistant
  • Nice Cut Flowers
  • TYPE: Perennial
  • GARDEN USES: perennial border, glowing in patio containers
  • MATURE WIDTH: 2-3'
  • BLOOM TIME: Late Spring to Mid-Summer by 2nd Season
  • SUN-SHADE: Full Sun
  • USDA ZONES:5 to 9
    COLORS: White
  • SHIPS AS: 3.5" potted plant
  • SHIPPING: Zone Shipping

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Care Instructions

Water:  Water your plants immediately after taking them out of the box. Give them enough water, so the soil appears damp, and water trickles out the bottom of the pot.

Plants look Dry, or Foliage appears Lackluster: If plants arrive dry, it is often because the roots have outgrown the small shipping pots and need more room to grow; roots tend to dry out quickly in small containers. The foliage may look lackluster when this happens, but the rootstock is still healthy and alive.

To plump your plants back up, water them and wait 5 minutes and then water them again. Keep these plants well-watered until you can replant them into larger containers or in the garden within the next week. Remove any yellow or brown foliage. If much of the plant's foliage has yellowed, you can cut the foliage back to just above the soil line. This will allow your plant to restart, encouraging bushier, thicker growth.

Time to Plant!  Your plants are now ready to be replanted. Follow the planting guide inside for detailed instructions on how to plant your new plants most effectively.

First-Year Maintenance: The first year or two will require additional maintenance for perennials. During the first season of growth, even if the plant is known to be drought-tolerant, it is very important to water your plants on a regular basis, meaning up to 3-4 times per week. If you are experiencing severe heat or drought-like conditions, or your plants appear consistently droopy, you may need to water your plants almost every day.

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