Prantl's Toasted Almond Torte Bars Assorted (9)

Prantl's Toasted Almond Torte Bars Assorted (9)

Prantl's Bakery
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Get your tastebuds ready for one of the most delicious desserts I've ever tried!  

Prantl's is a Pittsburgh institution - and The Burnt Almond Torte is it's most legendary dessert.  

The Huffington Post calls this the Best Cake in America and says, "To say that the burnt almond torte is light and airy doesn't even begin to describe the texture of this cake. It is beyond that. These tortes are so airy it tastes like the idea of a cake, one that can only be tasted in the best of dreams."

You get 3 of the following in this assortment

Original (3) 2 x 2 Torte Bars Our delicious moist creamy buttercream  combined with light sweet cake topped with toasted almonds is sure to make this magical creation one of the best desserts ever!

Chocolate (3) 2 x 2 Torte Bars Our delicious moist chocolate cake and chocolate buttercream topped with toasted almonds is sure to make this magical creation one of the best desserts ever!

Raspberry (3) 2 x 2 Torte Bars Just when we thought our award-winning Burnt Almond Torte couldn’t get any better, we added the luscious sweet and tart taste of raspberries. Our new Raspberry Torte Bars are topped with sweet raspberry buttercream and raspberry filling is between the layers.

  • Conceived by Henry Prantl in 1970
  • One of Jill's favorite desserts - EVER!
  • Made to order & promptly frozen to maintain freshness
  • Ships in Styrofoam cooler with dry ice
  • It's normal for them to thaw either partially or fully during transit (this will not affect the quality of the cake) 
  • Refrigerate or freeze upon receipt
  • Will stay fresh in the refrigerator for 7 days (in freezer up to 6 months)
  • Detailed storage instructions are included in each box

Shipping & handling included.

Products shipped on Monday and Tuesday.  

This doesn't ship to Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
I’m in trouble

Jill, thank you so much for introducing these delicious tortes! I treated myself with the Valentine’s special price. So delicious! Love the individual option. Love your little shop and all you do to bring us the best! You’re doing a terrific job Jill. Always enjoy your presentations and neat finds!

jan marsh
So yummy!

I ordered the assortment pack for Christmas Eve dessert. These were a huge hit with my family (and me)! Ordered another assorted pack for Valentines. I will never be without these in my freezer. The best dessert I’ve ever put in my mouth!!!!

Wendy Grego
You have got to try these!

I saw Jill present these on Facebook live. These are THE BEST cakes I’ve ever had. I love that they are individually portioned. I can take one out from the freezer whenever I’m in the mood for a treat!