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Kirks Folly Cosmic Bliss French Wire Earrings (Silvertone)
Kirks Folly Cosmic Bliss French Wire Earrings (Silvertone)

Kirks Folly Cosmic Bliss French Wire Earrings (Silvertone)

Kirks Folly
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Like colorful dewdrops slipping off a rainbow these magical Mystic Topaz pear shaped stones are bursting with color.

When the light passes through the stones the facets flash colors of every hue making this a perfect earring for any outfit.
  • Wear day or night and experience the magic!
  • Plated Silvertone.
  • Measures approximately ¾" wide x 1 1/8" long
  • Gift Boxed and Romance Card

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About Kirks Folly

Kirks Folly has created a world of fantasy jewelry, home accessories and clothing that reflect the Kirks belief that "Dreams really do come true".
The collection covers a wide spectrum of themes-from fantasy to romance to storybook legends. At the sight of these whimsical pieces, eyes light up and minds drift away to a world where fairies reign, mermaids splash, and glowing stars grant wishes. This most enchanting realm has been christened "Fairyland" and Jenniefer Kirk leads the parade of magical characters as the Fairy Godmother.

The Kirks Folly story began in NYC in 1979 with one part magic and two parts hard work and determination. It was while sitting at their kitchen table, that the creative genius of Helen Kirk sparked the inspired foresight of her sister Jenniefer.

The company's personal philosophy is, If you can dream it and believe it, you can do it.