Queen Honey Gift Box with Honey, Tea and Biscotti
Queen Honey Gift Box with Honey, Tea and Biscotti
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Queen Honey Gift Box with Honey, Tea and Biscotti

Queen Honey
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Queen Honey - Honey has been part of our family for centuries, back to our farms in the mountains & fjords of Norway where honey was plentiful.  The bee keepers in our family used honey as a sugar-substitute in recipes, as a way to sweeten coffee or tea and as a topping on favorite foods to sweeten our day!  It's part of our lives, every day.  

Based on our heritage and our search for great honey in the US, we wanted to offer honey that is All Natural, ethically sourced and traceable back to the fields that our bees pollinate.

Queen Honey is the purest, all natural, highest quality & tastiest honey you will ever enjoy:

  • True Source Certified Honey - ethically sourced, transparent & traceable
  • Consortium of Bee Keepers & Suppliers - strict adherence to care of the bees, including the pollenating of fields and groves
  • Pure, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Kosher Certified
  • All Natural - National Honey Board states 80% of honey from grocery stores has additives, sugar and coloring
  • 100% traceable back to the source
  • Each unique flavor comes from the nectar of the plants, flowers and or tree blossoms that we are contracted to pollinate
  • Simple & Pure - We provide the hives for pollination, retrieve the honey from the hives and raise to a temperature that allows it to flow through 7 paper screens. Then it's bottled and shipped to you.  
  • Nutritional Label - you won't find one - The only ingredient is pure, all natural honey 

    This gift box includes the following:

    • Two 4.75oz Honeys-Organic Wildflower/Orange Blossom
    • One 4 oz Gilda's Biscotti Chocolate Expresso
    • 12 individual assorted Mighty Leaf Tea

    Orange Blossom Honey - Saturated with the aromatic flavor of citrus fruit, this All-Natural honey is a deliciously sweet treat from the orange groves of California and Florida. The unique fragrance makes this a honey-lover's favorite! Light and golden, this wholesome honey has a sweet flavor that is offset by a citrus undertone and is processed free of all additives and preservatives.

    Drizzle over desserts or pasties, or sweeten your coffee, tea or sauces.  The fragrant flavor and velvety texture is a perfect complement to a variety of savory dishes. 

    Organic Wildflower Honey - !00% Organic Wildflower Honey captured from the nectar of a myriad of flowering trees, shrubs, and flowers. Honey bees busily fly from flower to flower returning the nectar from blossoms in the remote Southeastern mountains of Brazil to their hive. There are no pesticides, chemicals in use in these Brazilian mountains.  When these nectars are combined, they create a full-bodied, hearty honey, best described as Wildflower.

     The 100% Organic Wildflower Honey has a deep, rich flavor and is typically not as sweet as Clover Honey. This heartiness is used by many in their cooking and baking. As with our All-Natural honeys, our 100% Organic Wildflower Honey is processed free of all additives and preservatives and is Certified Organic by the State of Pennsylvania.

    Mighty Leaf Tea - an assortment of their signature silken stitched tea bags of exclusive loose-leaf tea; each cup of Mighty Leaf Tea is a one-of-a-kind experience.  Crafted from premium whole tea leaves, fruits, herbs, and spices for incomparable flavor of unparallel quality.   

    Glida's Biscotti-is a small business that makes handmade biscotti, bite size.  Chocolate Expresso Biscotti is from her family's own recipe, carries on her Italian heritage by hand making these cookies in the old-fashioned manner.   Gilda's bakery is in South Jersey

    Shipping and Handling Included

    Queen Honey Facts

    Honey should be stored at room temperature.   No need to refrigerate honey, no bacteria can grow in it.  

    If honey crystallizes, then you know it is true honey, just place jar in warm water and the crystals will melt and liquify once again.  If you are using the honey to sweeten your tea or coffee or anything warm or hot, the crystalized honey will quickly liquify.