Calista Perfecter Pro + Heated Round Brush



A styling tool for all hair lengths and types, the Perfecter Pro Heated Round Brush is a hot tool with firm bristles that effortlessly glide through hair to create lift, volume, waves, curls, flips, smoothness, and shine. 

The Perfecter Pro and Perfecter Pro Plus is perfect for flipping ends of hair inward or outward – an easy solution to create a polished look when in a pinch for time.

  • Do-It-All Tool-Get beachy waves and classic curls, volumized roots and flipped ends, perfectly styled bangs and a controlled cowlick. Do it all with the Perfecter Pro + Pro Plus!
  • Burn-Free Styling-Unique bristle design that effortlessly glides through hair, gently holds hair to the barrel, and protects hands and scalp from heat.
  • Moisture Protection-Ionic Technology releases negative ions that don’t open up the hair shafts, allowing hair to remain smooth and sleek. This feature adds shine and body, eliminates frizz, reduces static, and keeps hair soft and hydrated.
  • Reduces Heat Damage-Dual Voltage heaters allow the Perfecter to heat from 325°- 395 °F reducing styling time and risk of damage. 
  • Use on dry hair only.
  • Brush through approximately 2" sections from scalp to ends, 2-3 times.
  • Use slow strokes to help smooth hair; add more tension to straighten.
  • To prevent tangling, do not wrap hair more than 2 times around the barrel.
  • Includes heat-safe travel bag + Glide cleaning tool
  • 6’ swivel cord
  • 325°- 395 °F intervals of 10°F
  • Digital Temperature Screen
  • Ion Ceramic Barrel
  • Temperature Lock
  • 1 Hour Auto Shutoff
  • American/2-Prong Plug
  • Dual Voltage/Voltage up to 240 V
  • Choice of 2 SIZES  -3/4" and 1"


  • Take a section 2” wide by 1” thick and brush through.
  • Place Perfecter underneath section at the root.
  • Overdirect the section by firmly holding ends of hair up and over the other side of the head.
  • Hold section over top of Perfecter for 10-15 seconds.
  • Reveal for extreme lift and volume at the root.


  • Split hair into top and bottom sections.
  • Firmly hold ends of hair with your opposite hand to create tension.
  • Place the Perfecter at the root and slowly glide down section.
  • Glide down to ends for a polished, sleek look.


  • Split hair into top and bottom sections.
  • Take a section 2” wide by 1” thick and brush through.
  • Hold the Perfecter vertically to your head and at the top of your section at the root.
  • Glide Perfecter down 1” and rotate away from face 180˚. Hold for 5 seconds.
  • Continue down section slowly and keep turning Perfecter.
  • After each full turn of the Perfecter hold for 5 seconds.
  • Continue until you make your way to ends.
  • Reveal for soft curls.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Sac Shopper
Quick & Effective

Heats up quickly, easier to use than my old curling iron. Leaves my hair looking full and soft.

Great product!

Still a bit clumsy but getting better. I find it difficult to curl on my right side and my hairdresser says it’s the left hand supporting the rolling and I am right handed. Won’t get discouraged. I see a difference in my hair looking healthier than the outcome from using a curling iron.

Mary Chace
Calista Perfector Pro

Love this heated round brush smooths the frizz and curls just like I’ve been to my hairdresser …

Calista Perfector Pro

Wow! I’ve had trouble all summer with frizz and I have no control I used the Perfector Pro once and I cannot believe how great my hair looks. No frizz…perfect waves with some curl and shiny … love it