Just Jill Food FAQs

Just Jill is working hard to make sure that our vendors are providing great products in a timely manner. We cannot guarantee delivery on a specific date as our vendors could be affected by inclement weather as well as delays in transit once the product is shipped with FedEx, UPS or USPS. Our vendors try to ship between 2-4 days of receiving your order and expect delivery to happen within about 4 business days. That guideline is based on experience but is subject to forces beyond our control and like all shops, we do expect delivery in Q4 could face hiccups.

Just Jill isn’t not unique in this and we’ll do all we can to exceed expectations. If you anticipate ordering an items for a specific date such as a holiday, we suggest that you order early to avoid potential delays and appropriately store your product in order to serve it fresh.

Most Just Jill items are packaged to eat fresh upon arrival or can be stored, refrigerated or frozen to stay fresh longer. Items ship with a tracking number so you can monitor progress and confirm delivery.  Perishable and time-sensitive products are packed in Styrofoam and dry ice to stay fresh during transit. Please follow shipping progress and serve or refrigerate/freeze the product in accordance with the product description shortly after delivery.

Most carriers will deliver between 8AM-10PM based on the carrier.  We cannot guarantee specific delivery times. In anticipation of heavy volume shipping times (especially during holidays) or other uncontrollable events, our vendors may try to ship early to ensure that it arrives in good condition.

Most food orders will only ship on Monday and Tuesday so that they arrive prior to the weekend. Depending on the brand or the item food may ship 2-days or 3-days based on the experience and best practice of the vendor.  Each item is packaged and shipped to arrive fresh and ready to eat.

Each Just Jill vendor packs and ships their product based on experience to deliver in the best way to you. Perishable items are often sent in Styrofoam insulated coolers with dry ice or in corrugated lined food coolers with frozen gel packs, based on vendor best practice. Some items ship “ambient” and don’t require dry ice.

Most items arrive with the thought that you can serve them fresh or store them for a later date. Just follow the instructions in the box and on the product page as most products will remain fresh on your counter, refrigerator or freezer for days up to a few months.

Do not touch dry ice with your bare hands, it will burn you! Use oven mitts or a pair of tongs and dispose in an outside garbage can. Dry ice will evaporate. It is very common for packages to arrive with no ice. The should also be information in the box to advise on handling dry ice.

It's quite common to have no dry ice remaining in the insulated cooler when your products arrive. If this is the case you need not be concerned. As long as the product feels cool to the touch, the quality has not diminished. You may refreeze the product, usually for up to 1 year and it will stay fresh. Or refrigerate the product for serving usually within 7-14 days. Please reference the information included in the box in addition to the product page for storage and freshness guidelines.

We ask that customers confirm their correct shipping address before placing an order. Just Jill Shop sends email confirmation of the order so you can also review that to make sure the product will deliver to the correct address. We also send emails for shipping confirmation, out for delivery and delivery confirmation. If an item ships to an incorrect address based on customer error, Just Jill cannot ship a new unit as our vendors must absorb that cost. If the vendor ships to an incorrect address that is different than the address on file for the order, we'll have them ship a replacement right away.

All packages are shipped via UPS or FedEx and therefore we cannot ship to P.O. Box addresses.

Just Jill food items won’t require a signature to deliver so you will want to serve & eat fresh or refrigerate/freeze the product to serve later. The product page for each item will include comments on whether the item ships frozen, guidance on freshness window and more. Just Jill sends emails related to shipment and delivery so please be on the look out, especially if you ordered something perishable.

As noted earlier, we are living in unprecedented times related to COVID-19 and supply chain delays. These delays (along with inclement weather) could affect production, transit and delivery and we suggest ordering early to avoid potential delays that could impact your satisfaction.

Our vendors follow all local health guidelines and during Covid-19 they have implemented additional measures to sanitize and maintain safe standards at their fulfillment facilities. The CDC states “Coronaviruses are generally thought to be spread from person-to-person through respiratory droplets. Currently there is no evidence to support transmission of COVID-19 associated with food.”  Our vendors will continue to monitor conditions to ensure that they safely deliver delicious items to your doorstep.  If you have questions or concerns on this topic, feel free to contact us at hello@justjill.com.

We often respond after hours and during weekend hours but our stated email customer support hours are 8am-6pm EST, Monday through Friday.  We can be reached at hello@justjill.com.

Our vendors have been selected based on history of quality, taste and customer satisfaction. Just Jill can't control taste buds so food items cannot be returned unless there's an error in making your order or if the product arrives damaged/defective.  In that case, please contact us at hello@justjilll.com and a member of our team will gather information from you and then will work with the vendor to get it right for you. Each inquiry is handled on a case-by-case basis. For perishable items that deliver after the recommended window and with a clear issue upon delivery, we'll ask our vendors will send another item out right away. Ambient items stay fresh longer so even if an item is delayed in transit, we ask for your understanding as that item will still be considered fresh and ready to eat. NOTE: Some products do come with an additional unconditional return policy and those are typically detailed on the product page.

Just Jill ships food only to the continental United States.  Currently, Just Jill does not ship food to Hawaii, Alaska or Puerto Rico.