Saltopia Salts

Saltopia "Ultimate Veggie Lover Garden" Infused Salts



For the LOVE of veggies and much more - this set offers nearly 2 pounds of abundantly pure flavors! This gorgeous collection of (9) nine 3.4oz jars of SALTOPIA Infused Sea Salts includes our very best for vegetables plus more! The recipes feature ideas for everything from vinaigrette dressings to hearty vegetable soups! The set is beautifully gift boxed, immediately tantalizing the taste buds.

The set includes these 3.4oz jars:

  • THYME TO SPARE (lemon & thyme)
  • EUREKA SWEET PAPRIKA (paprika & onion)
  • CHEDDAR (cheddar & chipotle)
  • PLUM DILL-ICIOUS (tomato & dill)
  • SUGA N' SPICE (pumpkin & brown sugar)
  • DIVE INTO CHIVES (chives)
  • HERBS DE PROVENCE (traditional French herbs)
  • SAVORY WHITE CHEDDAR (white cheddar & sage)
  • MEDITERRANEAN FLAKE (a light, delicate salt from our naturally harvested salt line)

 Shipping and Handling Included