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Epiphany Studios Hand-Blown Glass Circle of Life Paperweight



Make a statement about life with this stunning series of handmade glass Circle of Life Paperweights. These solid sculpted paperweights are created using two vibrant colors of molten glass that are twisted into a round loop, encased in clear glass, and shaped into a round paperweight. The unique combination of colors captures potent emotions, thoughts, and feelings, symbolizing the powerful circle of life. These paperweights are stamped with a heart on the bottom, signed and dated.

Bring beauty and positive energy to your space with these stunning glass paperweights. They make the perfect addition to any office or home, reminding the owner of their power and unique spirit. Head-turning and breathtaking, these paperweights could be just the item you need to add a touch of beauty and fascination to your life. What’s more, paperweights are also an excellent gift for anyone special in your life. Give a special someone a piece of art that will last forever.

Aqua/Balance – Stability, peace, growth, and energy. Represents the Earth

Emerald/Abundance – Wealth, new beginnings, growth, balance, and nature

Orange/Health – Creativity, joy, vitality, success, and determination

Royal Blue/Wisdom – Strength, reliability, calmness, and depth

Ruby/Leadership – Passion, happiness, energy, elegance, and success

Violet/Power – Nobility, luxury, ambition, and independence

  • Each paperweight comes with an enclosure card explaining its powerful symbolism.
  • Approximately 3″D x 3″H
  • Hand-Blown Glass
  • Made in USA

About Epiphany Studios and April Wagner

Born in Muskegon Michigan, a small town on the shores of Lake Michigan, April grew up enjoying many summers on sandy white beaches. A natural artist, her interest in form, color, and line were apparent since early childhood. Blessed with understanding parents, April was encouraged to focus her education on the arts; exploring music, dance, and many types of visual arts. Her talent allowed her to receive a scholarship to an exclusive private high school for the arts, getting a jump start on her career. She initially focused on ceramics, then in college, developed a passion for blowing glass.

Before graduating from college, April started epiphany, a business name synonymous with the collaborative efforts of these dedicated artists. Over a decade later, her success is self-evident; with pieces in prominent collections around the world, and a 4,000 sq. ft world class glassblowing studio.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Teresa G.
Beautiful Piece of Art

I am very pleased with my glass paperweight. It's so beautiful and I like how each piece is unique. It's a true work of art.

Mary Chace
Epiphany hand blown glass circle of life paperweight

Beautiful paperweight stunning teal color looks like a big marble… I love it

Sandy schulte

I received my orange paperweight today. It is stunning! I will have to go back eventually for a purple one!