Grit and Grace Studio

Grit and Grace Studio Decoupage Oyster Jewelry Dishes



I'm so excited to share the latest designs from Grit and Grace Studio!

I adore these decoupage Oyster dishes, and these new designs for Spring are the perfect way to add a tropical touch to your home!

The decoupage oyster jewelry dishes make a gorgeous catchall for your jewelry, soap dish, gift for a loved one, or to accent your coastal chic decor. 

Choice of Prints: Lemon, Bloom, Butterfly, Tea Revelry, and Peacock

PACKAGING: Display Box: 4” x 4” eco-friendly box, 100% recycled crinkle paper

About Grit & Grace Studio

Grit & Grace Studio is a woman-owned small business in Charleston, South Carolina, that is centered on sustainability and spreading joy. Their family of empowered women (and a few gentlemen!) handcraft beautiful oyster ring dishes, jewelry, ocean-inspired gifts, and thoughtful keepsakes. 

As a green company, Grit & Grace Studio has an in-house oyster recycling program. For each oyster product sold, 10 oyster shells from local restaurants are recycled for Charleston’s oyster reef restoration projects. To date, Grit & Grace Studio has recycled more than 5,000 gallons of oyster shells back to the Charleston area waters.

Shipping and Handling Included