Just Jill Set of 2 Room Sprays California Dreaming and Orange Blossom



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I grew up in Southern California and this duo is rich with the scents I think of when I reminisce about home. 

How your home smells is the first thing people will notice when they come through the door. It sets a mood, creates an ambiance and shares a "scent" of who you are.

I paired these two fragrances together for a relaxing, calming and serene experience.

California Dreaming: Sunshine, salty beach air, linens drying on the line and a little waft of suntan lotion all combine for a clean, calming scent.  If you love a walk on the beach with a seaside breeze, you'll love this scent.

Orange Blossom: I grew up near the orange groves of the Irvine Ranch and the scent of white flower orange blossoms filled the air every spring.  How I loved rolling down the car windows and taking in this intoxicating fragrance. This scent feels like a clean, crisp, fresh morning walk through an orange grove in full bloom.

Room Spray
  • Volume: 4 ounces
  • Glass container can be reused, includes a protective cap
  • Highest quality essential and fragrance oils
  • Every luxurious ingredient is free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates
  • No animal testing, using the highest quality ingredients.
  • Approximately 800 sprays
  • Made in the USA
  • Glass Bottle: 1.9" W x 5.7" H

Customer Reviews

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Maria Azzaro
Room Sprays

Both California Dreaming and Orange Blossom are fabulous. The scents are light, never overpowering and one spritz is all you need. After spraying Orange Blossom I take deep breaths and it takes me to an orange grove. California Dreaming takes me to my favorite place…the beach. Love both these sprays!!!