Mad Gab's

Mad Gab's Sun Care Set



Mad Gab’s was founded in 1991 by Gabrielle Melchionda, when she stumbled upon a lip balm recipe while studying anthropology. Gab perfected the formula creating a natural lip balm that was neither greasy nor waxy and she gifted it to friends and family, who convinced her to sell her wares.

This set consist of 2 Mad Gab's Moose/Bear Sun Stick and 1-3 pack Pricky Pear Lip Balm

Sun Sticks are solid SPF 30, protects skin while hydrating with organic cocoa butter and Jojoba while being gluten free.

Great for sensitive skin, squirmy kiddos, stubborn men, boats, backpacks, and beach bags! A family favorite!

  • Solid no-mess application
  • Goes on clear-won't run in eyes
  • Gentle on skin and powerful protection from the sun
  • Stays put and won't sweat into eyes
  • Protects against harmful UVA/UVB Rays
  • SPF 30 | .6 oz tube

What the heck is a Prickly Pear? We're so glad you asked!

Prickly Pear is the fruit of the Nopales cactus and are actually quite edible*! Called prickly pears, these bright fruits provide delicious juice that tastes like a cross between pomegranate and a juicy summer berry.

  • SPF 15-formula protects from harmful rays
  • Unbelievably hydrating--never greasy or waxy.
  • Gluten free

Shipping and Handling included