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I'm so excited to share the Silvadore WIne Preserver with you! While I enjoy a glass of wine, it's usually just that, a glass. I can't tell you how many times I've thrown out a nice bottle of wine because it just didn't taste the same a few days later. That's why Silvadore is so genius! Silvadore Wine Preserver uses 100% Food Grade Argon to help prevent oxidation... the culprit of flavor degradation!

This offer includes the following 

  • 2 Canister of Wine Preserver
  • 1 Stain Remover

What does Silvadore do?  

  • Preserves the fresh taste of your wine
  • Saves you money
  • Allows freedom to enjoy better quality wine! 

Why Use a Wine Preserver at Home?

  • Enjoy Better Tasting Wine. After a bottle of wine is opened, the taste begins to degrade due to oxidization. Preserving the remaining wine in the bottle allows you to retain the flavor of the wine until the bottle is finished. By preserving the open bottle with Silvadore, your last glass will taste as good as the first.
  • Save Money. You can relate, right? After a bottle of wine is opened, the
    taste begins to degrade due to oxidization. Preserving the bottle allows you to
    retain the flavor of the wine until the bottle is finished. You don't have to drink any more than you want out of fear of wasting the bottle, or waste leftover wine by throwing it down the drain. Your last glass will taste as good as the first.
  • Extend the Life of Open Bottles of Wine. If the quality of your wine can be retained for an extended period of time (at least 2 weeks), you suddenly think differently about how, when, and what bottles you open. Suddenly, you have options. Enjoy a single glass from a nice bottle and still share a glass later with a friend? Preserve the bottle and enjoy the wine days later, or more, and share the experience with your friend.
  • Expand Your Horizons and Wine Variety- With wine preservation, you can open a wide variety of wines for yourself or for guests knowing you can retain the flavor and the quality economically for each bottle opened. Instead of only opening one red and one white wine, have several of each and enjoy and appreciate the different characteristics on any given day. 
  • Buy and Enjoy Better Quality Wine. Drink whatever wine you want, however much you want, whenever you want. It's the power of "single serve"! Own a Keurig at home? Buy single-serve snacks? You already leverage "single serve" in your home with other items like coffee and snacks. Now, you can do the same with wine. Have a glass from the bottle, then preserve it. Open a second or third bottle to enjoy, then preserve them. You can do it all now that you have options.
  • Enjoy a Single Glass without Worry. Don't feel any pressure to drink more than you want to justify opening and enjoying a nice bottle. Don't feel anxious about having to dump the second half of the bottle in order to enjoy the first half.
  • Use It To Preserve Other Things.  

    Essentially any liquid that is in a container and prone to oxidizing. Cooking wines - which may only be used on infrequent occasions - are a good example.

    Argon preservation also works well for high-end spirits (i.e., single malt scotches), where the flavor and characteristics can be better maintained through preservation.

    Silvadore is especially valuable for your higher-end specialty cooking oils - such as special truffle, walnut, or extra virgin olive oil. Keep your oils fresh by keeping them out of sunlight, in a cool space, and preserved with Silvadore (remember: the 3 flavor impacts are temperature, UV sunlight, and oxygen).

  • How it works: 
    • Physics. Because Argon is heavier than air, when you spray Silvadore into the open bottle of wine, it sinks to the bottom of the space above the wine and creates an invisible layer on top of the wine. The Argon layer prevents the wine from interacting with the oxygen in the bottle. How? Chemistry!
    • Chemistry. Remember science class? The chemistry is the Argon. Argon is an inert noble gas - colorless, odorless, tasteless, and in the air we breath. Because it's inert, Argon does NOT interact with the wine, and it prevents the wine from oxidizing and changing flavor.

Each can of Silvadore wine preserver will give you 50 "wine saves."  A "wine save" equals 2 burst sprays of Silvadore. 

When used properly, Silvadore Wine Preserver will keep wine fresh up to four weeks. 

Like hairspray, you will know Silvadore is empty when the spray stops. If you can feel or hear argon coming out of the canister, it is still working. Once empty, simply place the used canister in your recycling bin as Silvadore is made of recyclable aluminum.

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Awesome product

This really works! Open wine bottle stays fresh for weeks.

Lisa Armstrong




Ann Norton

Great item love this works great


Great item love this works great