Sprigs Faux Fur Scarf with Velvet Perfect Fit Texting Gloves



Look effortless and chic in this thick and luxurious faux fur scarf! It allows you to stay warm and keep your essentials on you in the hidden zippered pouch.

It is easy to use. just loop the scarf through the slit to wrap and secure it around your neck, and you will be all snuggled up, ready to go out. There is a hidden zippered large pocket that will fit ALL phones with cases, any size wallet, cash, keys, glasses, make-up, medicine such as an inhaler, hand sanitizer, treats, or poo bags for walking the dog.

There are multiple stylish colors to choose from to compliment any coat or outfit.

Scarf Benefits

  1. The scarf is 56 inches long
  2. A scrunchie hole to pull the scarf through for a secure fit.
  3. Thick faux fur is soft & comfortable 56" long X 6.25" wide
  4. Large hidden zippered pocket 9.5" long X 6.25" wide holds every size phone with a case, any size wallet plus passport, glasses, hand sanitizer, cash, keys, cards, lip gloss, medicine, dog treats & poop bags, etc for easy access
  5. Inside zippered pocket is lined to match the color of the scarf
  6. Scarfs will elevate any coat or outfit to give an updated, glamorous look.

Gloves Benefits

This velvet glove is perfect for daytime or evening. It is made with a 4-way stretch velvet that allows one size to fit most. Touch screen capability on the thumb & pointer finger on both gloves allows you to text and use the phone without ever having to take off your gloves. Both gloves have silicone grip dots on the palms to allow for a non-slip and secure grip on handling items. The soft velvet and stretch allow for comfort & easy movement of fingers.

Features & Benefits

  1. High-end velvet material has a beautiful stretch and recovery
  2. Made with a 4-way stretch velvet which allows one size to fit most
  3. Can Text and work your cell phone without having to take off your glove and having suede conductors on your thumbs & pointer fingers
  4. Inside palm has matching color grip dots to allow for driving and handling of the steering wheel while also being able to hold drinks with no slippage
  5. Extended length in cuff so the wind will not get in, and glove easily fits under 10.5 in length
  6. Perfect glove for people with dexterity or arthritis problems
  7. Extremely comfortable
  8. Machine wash cold & tumble dry low
  9. 94% Polyester & 6% Spandex

Shipping and Handling Included