Scamps Toffee

Scamps Toffee Sauce and Bits Gift Set



Take your soiree to the next level with the Toffee Sauce and Bits Gift Set! The best toppings ever come together in an adorable gift box. It's the perfect addition to sundaes, pies, cookies...or just straight from the jar. All natural, gluten-friendly, and preservative free.

One taste, you're taken... 

-Toffee Bits 5.5 oz
-Toffee Sauce 10 oz

Shipping and Handling Included

About Scamps Toffee

Never losing sight of our core commitment to small-batch toffee-making, Scamps uses only the highest quality ingredients. From the beginning, Scamps has complemented their delectable toffee with nothing but the finest Swiss and Belgian chocolates balanced by the earthen silkiness of California walnuts. Over time our products have blossomed to include a dreamy collection of chocolate barks, toppings, and toffee-coated popcorn —all wrapped up with our iconic orange bows.