Bee Creek

Bee Creek Set of 3 Shagbark Hickory Syrups Pumpkin/Original/Vanilla



What is Hickory Syrup

One of the best kept culinary secrets! Shagbark Hickory Trees are not tapped in the way traditional maple syrup is harvested. Every four-six years, these trees shed, or shag, their bark in a way that leaves the tree healthy and undamaged. We hand harvest this bark and craft small batches of syrups for a sweet and adventurous dining experience!


This set consist of the following 

  • Original Hickory Syrup has no added flavors. You will get to experience pure hickory flavor that syrup lovers can't get enough of. Many describe the flavor as smoky, others as nutty, some taste notes of vanilla. It truly is a wonderful, unique, complex flavor.
  • Pumpkin Spice Hickory Syrup can be added to your coffee and turn your boring morning brew into a mood boosting, flavorful, coffee creation.
  • Vanilla Hickory Syrup is a vanilla lover’s dream. Every bottle is shipped with a Madagascar Vanilla Bean inside, infusing our syrup with pure vanilla flavor you can see. Our Vanilla Hickory Syrup is a crowd favorite and would make a great addition to your syrup collection
  • 8 oz
  • Handcrafted in Bear Creek PA

Shipping and Handling Included