Happy to Meat You

Happy to Meat You "Jill's Favorite" Dinner



From our friends at Happy to Meat You comes this beautiful piece of meat.  Why Happy to Meat you?  Simply because of their mission which is: to deliver delicious, premium meat affordably at the local level, and guarantee freshness and overall satisfaction

Chateaubriand:  Our magnificently aged, center cut tenderloin is hands down- the most elegant cut for roasting. Essentially, one large center-cut Filet Mignon - delicate, buttery, and carefully hand-trimmed and tied. The tenderness is second to none, and each roasted slice will melt in your mouth. Perfect for any special occasion!  

Al La Folie Macarons: Complete your decadent dining experience with exquisite French Macaron from Al La Folie.  With a collection prepared exclusively for Happy to Meat You & Just Jill, each Macaron features a crunchy exterior shell complete with a soft moist interior of the most luxurious fruit or chocolate fillings.  Crafted by world renowned French Pastry Che Jerome Landrieu, his creative and masterful execution of the Macaron is truly a gift to Chicagoland- and beyond!  All of our macaron products are gluten free by nature.

Dinner consists of the following

  • 2lbs of Filet Mignon

 Shipping and Handling Included

Doesn't ship to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico