Silvadore Set of 2 Wine Stain Remover



We all make mistakes. And, you know those people... The ones who bump into others and spill red wine on someone's shirt. Or, worse yet, drop the whole glass of red wine onto your carpet.

Yes, those people. Of which, rumor has it, I may be one. 

Not to worry. With the Silvadore Wine Stain Remover, you'll be covered. Just spray the Stain Remover on the fabric to lightly moisten it, wait a few minutes, then rinse with water and repeat if necessary.

The Silvadore Wine Stain Remover is a descendant of the legendary "Stain Rx". Stain Rx was the April 2016 winner of the Family Circle Magazine's Top Cleaning Products. Also featured on the Today Show in March 2016, Stain Rx has proven it's value over many years of removing stains from red wine, lipstick, coffee, blood, makeup, tomato sauce, cranberry juice, tea, gravy, and more. 

Originally formulated for hospital use, Stain Rx is a proven product. It was a natural progression for Silvadore to bring this wonderful stain removing formula directly to the wine industry. Grab a bottle of Silvadore Wine Stain Remover and be ready for when you share a glass of wine at your home with...those people. Like me.


The formula is directly supplied from the makers of the long proven Stain Rx.  Here's what they say:

"First, let us tell you what isn’t in Stain Rx®. It contains no bleach, peroxide, phosphates, fragrances or dyes (the Spring Fresh Fragrance has fragrance and dye). In fact, our first major change to this 50+ years old product came years ago when we discovered a readily biodegradable surfactant that would work to our standards of quality and excellence. That change made Stain Rx® better for humans, animals and our environment.  Our second and third major changes were recent - we took out the dye and fragrance from Stain Rx®.  This too is better for humans (including their noses), animals and our environment. No, we don’t test on animals."



Before using, you should perform a simple colorfast test on all dyed fabrics. Occasionally, some fabrics may not be colorfast – Stain Rx® is not recommended for use on these.  Select an inconspicuous area (hem or other hidden area), apply one or two drops of Stain Rx® and let it remain 5-10 minutes. Rinse out all the soapy residue and dry.  If after this test, no difference in the color of the original fabric can be detected, the material can be considered colorfast and you may proceed with stain removal.  While stains on white fabrics may be soaked with Stain Rx® without concern for color, for dyed fabrics we recommend completely rinsing out all the soapy residue as soon as the stain has been treated then laundering.

For Removing Stains (Except on Upholstery, Carpet)
  1. Lightly moisten the stained area with water with a wet washcloth
  2. Apply enough Stain Rx® to treat stained area
  3. If stain is not gone immediately, massage the stained area to loosen the stain
  4. Rinse with water and repeat if necessary
  5. Launder as usual

For Removing Small Stains on Carpeting or Upholstery

  1. Lightly moisten the stained area with a wet washcloth
  2. Put a small amount of Stain Rx® on your fingertip or wet washcloth and treat the stain. DO NOT APPLY STAIN Rx® DIRECTLY ONTO THE CARPETING OR UPHOLSTERY. Remember, a little Stain Rx® goes a long way!
  3. Vacuum out all the soapy residue using water and your carpet shampooer or wet/dry shop vacuum and let dry

StainRx® is not recommended for use on:

  1. Rayon or acetate
  2. Copper, bronze, tin, aluminum, coins and brass
  3. Marble, granite or other porous stone (it may dull the surface)
  4. Semi-precious stones
  5. Porous surfaces
  6. Silk listed as dry clean only
  7. Wood

Shipping and Handling included